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Be a part of our community and write to us. If you are a content writer, blog owner, or online business owner in our niche.

We accept multiple niche articles such as Tips for Health, Food, Business, Communication, Happiness, Relationships, Motivational, and Positive Tips, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Blogging.

We don’t accept Adult, Gamblin, Casino site. Make sure your article not related to this topic otherwise we reject your article.

If the content does not respect the following guidelines for free posting, it will be rejected! So, save both your time and ours and don’t send articles that will be certainly rejected.

Article Requirements:
1). Must be at least 800+ words long, original, informative, and written in fluent British or American English.
2). Must 4 contain proper images with the size 1140 x 648
3). Unique user-friendly article (no spin content) and no copyright
4). 1 anchor texts.1 links according to anchor text.
5). Have to send a blog in a google doc file. (NOTE: This link will be do-follow).
6). We reserve the right to modify the article as per our creativity and can also add links (Internal or External).
7). RECOMMENDATION: Add content-related videos from YouTube to your article (If have)!

How much time will it take for your post to be live?:
We get a lot of guest posting requests on a daily basis. Our team always makes sure to check the guest posts.

Once you submit your post for approval. It may take up to 1 Business day to make your guest post live. And even in some cases your post will be rejected or deleted from our end because of the criteria or the guidelines.

After publishing your article on our site it will be our property and we modified it as per our requirements.

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