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Top 12 Best Search Engines in The World

Search Engines become part of our everyday life whether it’s doing research for Christmas gifts or where the closest coffee shop is open before 7am. People are becoming increasingly dependent on search engines to get answers to their daily queries.

At Inspire, we track our search traffic using a variety of analytics. Most of our queries returned are related to what we’re doing, and some are just weird. Those were interested in relating to what we do, such as improving search ranking, web design , web development, and much more.

As we use “all routes to the market” we are still heavily dependent on the search engines for our bread and butter traffic.

Recently, we’ve done a piece of work for a client looking to reach the Russian market, talking to other companies who all shared about what they’re doing on Google and how they’re experts. This completely missed the point as Google is not the dominant search engine in Russia, it’s Yandex!!!

This has brought home to me that people may have assumed that, because Google is a dominant global player, they are also the dominant player in every market.

We then believed it was worth a journey down the rest of the world, so let’s look at the world’s top 12 search engines.

Top 12 list of the best search engines in the world:

1. Google: Google Search Engine is the world’s best search engine and is also one of Google’s most popular search engines. Almost 70% of the demand for Search Engine has been acquired by Google. The technology giant continues to develop and aims to refine the search engine algorithm to give end-users the best performance. Although Google appears to be the largest search engine, as of 2015, YouTube is now more popular than Google (on desktop computers).


2. Bing: Bing is a response from Microsoft to Google and was launched in 2009. BBing is Microsoft’s default web browser search engine. At Bing, they’re always trying to make it a better search engine, but there’s a long way to go to compete with Google. Microsoft’s search engine provides a variety of services, including image, web and video search, along with maps. Bing introduced places (Google equivalent is Google My Business), this is a great platform for businesses to submit their details to optimize their search results.

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3. Yahoo: Rather than with Google, Yahoo & Bing competes with one another. A recent report says that Yahoo has a 7.68 percent market share. While a pioneer as a free email providing service, the fact that user information and passwords were compromised last year is a substantial decrease.

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4. Baidu: Baidu was established by the Chinese Entrepreneur Eric Xu in Jan 2000, China’s most major search engine. The results of this web search are for the website, audio files, and images. It offers a range of other services such as maps, news, cloud storage, and more.

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5. AOL: is also one of the leading search engines. These guys are the guys who sent CDs to install their browser and modem software that you loaded into your PC. They have a market share of 0.59% now as the leading club. Verizon Communication gained 4.4 billion dollars from AOL. The Control Video Company began its operations back in 1983. America Online was founded in 1991 and AOL Inc. in 2009. AOL is a New York-based worldwide mass media service. Ads services such as AOL Ads, AOL mail, and AOL Network are offered.

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6. was created in 1995, originally named Ask Jeeves. Your main idea was search results focused on a basic web interface for questions and answers. The Q&A group provides you with answers to your question and includes a vast collection of archive material for answering your question. As the results are not as current as those you get in Google, Bing, and Yahoo due to this reliance on archived and active usage fees. They tried to combat where the response they got from a third-party search engine does not come from their money. They don’t call who this is, strangely.

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7. DuckDuckGo: DuckDuckGo is a well-known search engine that preserves users ‘ privacy. By comparison to, they are very transparent on who they use to produce search results. Gabriel Weinberg in California was founded in 2008 and his revenues come from the Yahoo-Bing search alliance network and affiliates.

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8. Excite: Excite is not well known, but always in the top ten. Excite is a hub for online services offering internet services such as e-mail, search, news, immediate messaging, and weather updates. It also brings us new patterns, themes, and sentence scanning.

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9. Yandex: Yandex is the most popular search engine in Russia, it was introduced in 1997. In Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey, Yandex is also very much present. It offers services such as Yandex Charts, Yandex Music, online translator, Yandex Money and many more.

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10. Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram Alpha is a computer search engine that does not provide search results with a list of documents or web pages. The outcome of the query is based on the facts and data. Their mission is to compute and make broadly available all systemic knowledge. They have a Pro solution for students and educators, which was launched in 2009. It is a perfect tool for the right market, as much as it is focused.

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11. Lycos: Lycos is well known in the search engine industry. His key areas are email, web hosting, social networking and websites for entertainment.

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12. December 2016 UPDATE: ChaCha has stopped trading because of rising ad revenues: was developed in 2006 and is a human-guided search engine. In its search box, you can ask anything and you will receive answers in real-time. Mobile search and marketing applications are also available. You will use iPhone, iPad, and Android to update your smartphone phones.

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