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Positive Tips to Boosts Your Confidence

-I trust myself, i believe in myself and i have confidence in myself.
-I’m ignoring negative thinking and behavior.
-I’m talented, intelligent, and smart.
-I’m grateful for what I’ve got.
-I stand up for myself, I’m brave.
-I’m doing my best.
-I’m ready to do whatever I’m thinking about.
-I’m managed and I’m dignified.
-I’m beautiful & i accept myself just as i am.
-I’m special and I’m appropriate.
-Today, I’m delighted.
-My emotions, feelings, and decisions are in control.
-I’m happy today and I want to love myself.
-Today is going to be a great day.
-I have the power to create change.
-I take action to achieve my goals.
-I have endless possibilities.
-I’m not going on the internet to compare myself to strangers.
-I’m proud of myself for everything I’ve done.
-With a beautiful family and great friends, I am blessed.
-I deserve the best and I accept the best.

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