Habits Tips & Better Time Management

Daily Habits Tips & Better Time Management For Success

-Establish a morning routine & schedule your time.
-Stay focused: keep your daily to-do list small.
-Get outside your comfort zone & uplevel your game.
-Move your body & fuel it with healthy food.
-Create white space & reflect on the positive.
-Go to bed early/wake up.
-The same time each day.
-Stop multi-tasking.
-Set deadlines.
-Prioritise Tasks.
-Remove Distractions.
-Keep your mind fresh.
-Work when most productive.
-Set Reminders.
-Turn off email alerts.
-Batch your tasks.
-Brain dump your thoughts.
-Decline of additional commitments.
-Tidy your workspace.
-Get more organized.
-Get in a routine.
-Manage your stress.
-Delegate tasks.
-Break big projects into steps.
-Only take on what you can finish.
-Get inspired.
-Only focus on what matters.
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